Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A great response from model stitchers!

Thank you for the great response to my add for model stitchers.....I had I have 22! I appreciate each of you contacting me to work on these samplers. All I can say is I better get busy! It takes me about 20 hours to do a sampler....if I stick with it a little bit less time. I must say that sitting for 10 hour days really gets to me so I may drop it back to 8 hours at a time. Either way I should have lots of samplers being stitched this year and I appreciate the great response. You stitchers are the best!!

Hugs from Nancy


  1. Nancy, I am thrilled that stitchers responded to you call for helping you out with your model stitching! Looking forward to seeing your samplers as you release them.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Given how generous you have been, it is wonderful to hear that you have more help than you need!


  3. How wonderful that so many folks offered to help Nancy, can't wait to see your new designs! Deb

  4. I wish I could have helped but I only cross stitch cannot due any other stitch to save my soul. but I cant wait to see the new patterns.