Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Alphabet Ornament charts finished

I had finished several more of the letters for the Alphabet Ornament Collection...I had listed them on ebay but forgot to show them here. I think I had stopped at M, which had Memories, O has Our Hearts are stitched together, P has Patience is a virtue, Q has Quiet time and R has Remember me when this you see.
I have a sale on ebay 5 charts and get one free right now. I do a lot of summer sales to keep the stitchers going through the hot months. I know I can hardly wait for summer to be over each year as I can't take the heat well with the Lupus I have. I even have to stay out of the sun....yeah right...with all I have to do around here.
Back to charts.....
I have several more letters roughed out and will finish them over the next few days. I got swamped with projects here on the farm....with hot spring weather everything has been growing like weeds....and including the weeds. We also are in the process of tearing down our glass greenhouse (30x70') that had damage from baseball size hail a few weeks ago. WHAT a project let me tell you. I will be glad when this is done and life returns to normal....if I can remember what normal was.

I need to do some finishing on a few smalls and will show them in a few days. So many little time....
Another week is flying by.....and time to get back to work as the break is over. I just thought I would catch up on some charts that were completed.

I hope all of you are having a great week.


  1. I would hate to tackle a job like that, Nancy. Hope it all gets done without anyone getting hurt! And what a nice thing for you to do, having sales over the summer. Also, I LOVE the color you're using for your alphabet. It's gorgeous!!

  2. Just how many hours are there in your day? Gosh, I can't imagine how you accomplish all that you do! Your results are surely worth it.

  3. Beautiful designs! I love this Alphabet Series in red!


  4. Your new designs are gorgeous!

  5. Nancy
    Your latest designs are lovely...coming down the homestretch now!
    You certainly have a lot on your plate...I have faith that you will handle it all with your usual grace.
    Busy Hands...Happy Heart

  6. I am so out of touch...Why did I not know about the Alphabet Designs? :D Will check them out on your ebay site.

    Yup, baseball sized hail will do quite a bit of damage...It is wild to wee it coming down. When in TX it broke my neighbors window....yikes.

  7. Normal?? Well, when you see it and find it, please refresh my memory on what it might look like and feel like. ;o) Ahhhh....there's my R.....You know I'm gonna have to have that - and I'm so glad you did the "remember me" - it's one of my favorites from the old samplers. You rock Nancy! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin