Friday, May 4, 2012

Hurry and enter to win a Mother's Day Gift Certificate

I can't let Mother's Day go by without giving away a Gift Certificate. Lets celebrate a very special day together. A tribute to Mothers everywhere.

To one who bears the sweetest name,
And adds a luster to the same,
Long life to her, for there's no other,
Who takes the place of my dear

My 89 year old Mother is very dear to me and I cherish every day we have together. The plaque you see in the above picture hangs on the wall above my desk.

I would like to give a $25 Gift Certificate to one lucky winner.
Post a comment here....lets leave some great ones.....
Post on your blog and get another entry.
Winner will get to pick $25 in goodies out of my ebay store and I will ship any where.
Time is drawing near so hurry and enter this one.
Winner to be announced...on...of course...Mother's Day!!
That's May 13th here in the states.

Good luck to all.


  1. Happy mother's day to everyone. Please include me in the giveaway. I could use some cheering up.
    Thank you for the chance. Very nice to have the giveaway.

  2. I'd love to be included in your giveaway. Thank you for the chance!

  3. Hi Nancy,

    I can imagine how your are feeling.
    My mother in law is nearly 93 and my own mum is 10 years younger. Nevertheless They both are _ although living in their own home- together with their husbands ill . And I also enjoy every meeting with them. At the end of June we'll celebrate my DH 60th birthday and we all do hope that all 4 elder persons can celebrate with us. So we all are looking forward to this date.
    Thanks for your new Giveaway.
    Please count me in. It#S always so exciting watching your blog. Thanks for this


  4. Thanks for another great giveaway! Please enter me!


  5. I had a great mother, and I miss her every day.

  6. I would love to be entered into your giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

    All the best,

    Beth Brotherton

  7. Hi Nancy...I would actually like to enter the giveaway on behalf of my daughter-in-law, instead of myself. My DIL is an amazing mother to my first and only granddaughter...everything she does is based on Mara and her needs! I have always considered myself a good mom, but, Ally blows me out of the water :o)

    She recently picked up cross-stitching and loves creating family heirlooms to decorate their home and pass down to their children; but as the wife of a low ranking airman, they don't always have extra $$ for stitching, I know that winning a gift certificate from you would absolutely thrill her to no end :o)

    Good luck to all who enter...and an especially wonderful Mother's Day to all mothers, everywhere!!

    Ally's email (in case she does win :o):

    Thank you for this opportunity; you are such a generous soul!

  8. My mother and I are extremely close. She is my best friend. She has been struggling through a severly broken ankle since Valentines day and is still not home yet. If I won I would choose something for her because she is my biggest stitching fan. I stitch and she loves the pieces. She has always been there for me to cheer me on in what ever I do, and I am not spring chicken anymore. She is by far the greatest me and many others. In all her trials and pain she has been through she has still been inspiring the nurses and aids that take of her she still thinks of them. She teachs them how to improve their nursing skills and inpires them to keep reaching for their dreams whatever they are. Just like she has done for me my entire life and still does. She is a mother to more than just her 3 children. That is what makes her the greatest mother to me.

  9. Wow Nancy. Yet another great giveaway. I would love to be entered.

    Thanks, Linda

  10. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. My Mom lives on a very fixed income in a high cost of living area and she is a quilter and does all kinds of things with fabric. I'd love to get some of your silks, ric-rac and cording for her as a gift.

  11. I would love to be entered into your giveaway! Thanks!

  12. Hey Nancy! Mother's a certainly irreplaceable aren't they!!! The unconditional support and love they give is something a mother does best.

    Please enter me into your give-a-way. I'll post a link to this on my blog :)

    PS: I received my package with the friendship sampler and threads yesterday!!! I simply cannot wait to start. Thanks and have a great weekend :)

  13. Hi, Nancy ~ I would love to be entered in your drawing, how very genererous you are. Happy Mother's Day to all. Sadly my mom and mil have both passed but the grandkids bring such joy.

  14. Thanks so much for another chance to win!

  15. I would love the chance to be entered. You are so kind x

  16. Goodness, you are just tossing these things out left and right! Thank you, Nancy ~ enter me, please!

  17. How lucky you are to still have your mom with you. Mine passed away 1 1/2 years ago. I still miss her everyday, as do my brothers and sisters. Therefore, I don't get to celebrate Mother's Day much any more. My mother in law doesn't do holidays or birthdays due to her religion. And being as my daughter is 21 and living 650 miles away, I will probably only get a text from her.

  18. Mother's Day was a few weeks ago in England, but I'd still love to be included in your giveaway draw

  19. Happy Mother's day to you and to everyone lucky enough still to be able to celebrate the day with their mother.
    Thanks for another lovly giveaway. I,d love to enter please.
    Thank you,

  20. Happy Mother's Day! I was in hospital for the UK/Irish one so I am going to 'borrow' this one to make up for it rofl. I hope all you mums out there have a lovely day xx

  21. Hello!

    I am always playing with you...
    Unfortunately,I lost my mother on the 21st of December...It was very unexpectedly...This is the first time I write about it on any blog...It is not time goes by it hurts more...
    So on Mother's Day I will visit her...

    All the best .:)

    I will put your giveaway on my blog tomorrow.

  22. My birthday falls on the Friday of the Mother's Day weekend and my Mom always claims that I was the best Mother's Day gift ever! Although not a crafter herself, she has always encouraged me in my stitching. I would love to use the winnings to purchase some lovely trims and stitch up something special just for her. Thanks once again for your generous offer.

  23. My mother was one of the dearest people you'd ever have wanted to know, and though not here physically, I know she's with me every day.

  24. Nancy
    You certainly are blessed to still have your mother with you...I know you are the type of person who cherishes every moment with her. I really like the sentiment shared on the plaque. Have you considered using it to create a sampler?
    Thank you for yet another generous giveaway...please enter my name.
    Busy Hands...Happy Heart

  25. Another wonderful gesture Nancy - and I would love to be entered. I am hopeful that my mother will be at home this year to celebrate her special day....we brought her home from the nursing home less than two weeks ago, and she is not doing well. Some of us are trying hard to make it work so she can remain at home as long as possible, and spend at least one day a week with her at home helping out. I would choose a project from your shop to take with and stitch while I'm there with her.....

    I have posted on my blog sidebar as well....Thanks, again, for your amazing generosity....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  26. Wow Nancy...another nice givwaway! Your Mother's Little Helpers cross stitch comes to mind. I'd love to be entered. Many thanks!

  27. I would love to be included in your draw please.
    I am already a follower.
    LISA V

  28. Another wonderful giveaway! Would love to enter, thank you for the chance!

    Happy Mother Day to all mums!


  29. I would love to be entered in your giveaway!

    At year I learnt just how important my Mum was when she got very sick. It's a shame it takes life changing moments to find out how important someone is.

  30. Hi
    I would give anything in the whole world to have just one more Mothers Day with my mom. She passed away 6 years ago from bone marrow cancer and end stage renal failure caused by the cancer. We were joined at the hip. She was my best friend. We did everything together. She taught me to quilt, stitch and sew. Her birthday is tomorrow May 5th and I miss her so much. I love you Mom, always and forever. Lynn xoxox

  31. Yikes...I forgot to ask to be entered into your drawer.

    Pls and thanks, Lynn

  32. I almost lost my mom to cancer last year when her rare form of sarcoma spread to her lungs. She had her left leg amputated in February, but it had already spread by the time they caught it.

    I would love to be entered in your mother's day giveaway! There are so many mother/daughter patterns out there!

  33. You are so generous, Nancy. This year on Mother's day, I am thinking of my Sister. She is very far away from her two girls right now, taking care of her husband who has suffered a stroke. My Mother and I are taking care of her daughters now and I am hoping that everyone can reunite very soon.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  34. I just lost my mother (age 92) on Feb 25th. I was at the store today and it hit me that I didn't need to buy a Mother's Day card this year. Sigh. She taught my three sisters and I needlework from a very young age. I know I was embroidering before I even entered school.

  35. Hi Nancy, Although I lost my mother 13 years ago, there is one very special memory that would go along with this thread. And that is how most stitchers have been taught by there mothers or grandmothers....well....I taught both my mother and my grandmother to do counted cross stitch. Not bad considering I was a tomboy and my mother made the comment that she couldn't believe that I was teaching her to stitch....the daughter that didn't even know which end of the needle had the eye in it. We sure did laugh at that.
    Although I am not a mom to a human, I am a mom to some fur babies!! I will be adding this to my blog sidebar also.

  36. Nancy, another giveaway! How sweet! My mom is still living, and is absolutely the sweetest person alive! I have already ordered a huge bunch of her favorite flower--Stargazer Lilies. Thanks for entering me in the drawing.

  37. I would love to be included in the giveaway~ Thank you so much for the opportunity!!!
    My mom is visiting my sister right now, and I will be meeting up with them next week!!! Being so far away from home, I haven't been able to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom very often, so I'm really excited to see her soon!!

  38. I would love to be entered in your give away! My Mum is very precious to me and I cherish everyday with her, even if it's just a phone call! She loves to see what I am stitching and has many of my finished projects hung on her walls.
    Thank you!

  39. I would love to entered on the giveaway :D
    Unfortunately I can't see my mum as often as I would like because we are now living very far from each other (she is in Portugal and I moved to Ireland) but I talk with her every single week at least two times and we always talk for more than one hour :D She is my biggest supporter on my stitching so I stitch several things to send her :D and now I tell her that she's more lucky than other mums because she has 2 mother days (the Irish one and the Portuguese one that is this Sunday :D)

  40. Hooray! Please enter me in Nancy. You are very kind and generous. God bless mothers everywhere. ♥

  41. What a wonderful giveaway Nancy. I would love to enter.
    My mom is 78 and still going strong. She is a bit opinionated and stubborn but hey, so am I. I wonder where I got it.
    We spend lots of time together when I come home from Arizona. She lives just 2 miles away. We do lunch, talk quilting and stitching and just enjoy each other's company. I also have two wonderful DIL's who are fabulous mothers. They are doing such wonderful parenting of my three grandchildren. I admire them both so much.
    And Happy Mother's Day to you.

  42. My mum is 78 living next door. I wish we had more in common but we are so different,still she is special as she is my mum, right?AriadnefromGreece!

  43. Happy Mother's Day to all! Thanks for yet another chance at some of your goodies!

  44. You are way too generous. I'd love to have a chance at winning :)
    Happy Mother's Day

  45. My mother passsed her love of needle snd thread on to me at a very early age and I still thank her to this day for it. More than anything, I wish we lived a shorter distance from each other as time goes by.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful Mother's Day opportunity!

  46. Thank you for another opportunity for your generous give aways. My Mom is 78 and quite a spit-fire! She has done so many things for me and I appreciate everybit of it. She was so much help to me when my children were small, so they are very close to her as well.

    Happy mother's day....

    Judy, heartland stitcher

  47. I would love to have a chance at your newest $25 gift certificate giveaway! You are so generous, Nancy!

  48. My mom passed away in 1991 and I still miss her. We knew her time was short the last year and I spent as much time as I could with her. She enjoyed the cards I would send and the phone calls every week. I always sent a fresh batch of flowers every month too. I went every 3 months to see her and am so glad we had so much time to be able to spend together. Although she was far away, we kept in contact.

    Now I spend time with my loving MIL. We do things with them and they attend all our many family get togethers during the year. We go out to dinner once a month and spend time doing other things also. I so enjoy seeing her happy. So, I still have a mom to do things for. I have made her many cross stitch items that she proudly displays.

    Spend time with your moms. You will never regret it.

    Thanks for entering me in your new give away. I know I can find just the right design and floss to make my MIL a beautiful gift.
    Judy in Kansas

  49. My mom suffered a stroke last year so i know the heartache of almost losing a mother. Cherish what memories you have with your mom as they can be gone in an instant. Please enter me in your generous giveaway. Thanks!

  50. Motherhood...The most rewarding job in the world! The very reason we returned to the Northeast, I missed being a "helicopter Mom" to my DS (22) DS (24). I do think they are happy I am back, or I make myself believe that. :)

    Of course I would like to be added to your very generous give-away! Thanks.

  51. Thank You Nancy. I am a mother of 4 children. Sadly MY mother passed away 2 years ago, so I do not look forward to Mother's Day much anymore. Thank you for the chance to win the GC though. That would make me happy!!! Your products are wonderful.


  52. Hi Nancy,
    My Mum is no longer with us. But she was my friend, role model and my hero. Without her love and guidance I would not be the person I am today. Thanks Mum.

    Please include me in your giveaway.

  53. Sadly, I lost my beloved mother in September. She was my best friend and I miss her so much! She loved to see all the things I stitched. She especially loved a piece I did using a beautiful purple floss I got from Victorian Motto.

  54. My mother taught me sewing and needlepoint when I was just a little girl. Though she doesn't do it anymore, I'd the gift certificate so that I can make her something special :-)

  55. You are so kind Nancy! I hope you have an extra special Mother's Day!!

  56. I lost my mom when I was quite young. But I have a special auntie who has been like a mother to me. We are very close and she means the world to me.

  57. What a generous giveaway, please enter me...thanks so much!

  58. My mom is also 89. She is in assisted living about 2 hours away. I miss her. Cherish the moments you have.

  59. HAppy Mother's DAy to everyone!! I talk to my mom nearly everyday! Her and her mom, my Nana!! They are the rocks in my life and have taught me everything, including stitching, knitting and sewing!! I would love to be entered in your give away!!

  60. Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mother's and grandmother's I pray you all have the best one ever. I had my wonderful mother taken away from me at the mere age of 12 and the hurt never leaves but being around all you great mothers and listening to all of you makes me feel like I have a mother again in my life. I am thankful I am a mother and grandmother and with each life lesson I experience it makes me stronger and it makes me the mother/grandmother I know I can be, So for all of you stitcher's whose mother has gone away please don't cry she will be waiting for us in heaven someday with a smile on her face and her arms open wide you will get that big hug you have been waiting for and it will give you that gentle warmth you have yearned to feel inside, Happy Mother's Day to our mom's that have passed on your always in our hearts and walking by our sides.
    Please enter me in your generous giveaway.

  61. My mother is 95 and in assisted living. She has macular degneration which has robbed her of the ability to read and stitch, both of which were dear to her heart. But like so many women, she is still fiesty and full of life. She's a constant inspiration and I love her dearly. There is something very special about a mother's love--daughter or son, it doesn't matter. I'd give anything to bring more joy into her life.

  62. What a great giveaway and how lovely to read everyone's thoughts about their mothers and MILs. I'm lucky to have two great women in my life, always there for me, hubby and our boys.
    If I'm lucky enough to win this giveaway I will choose something I can stitch for them, probably their initials from your lovely series.
    ps we've had Mother's Day in the UK already but I'm always happy to celebrate again. Maybe I can persuade the boys I need breakfast in bed!

  63. Would love a chance to win. My mom was so full of joy and so beautiful! She died in 2007 and I miss her so much....