Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chenille trims on sale, buy 5, get one free! 9 New Colors!

I am having a Chenille trim pack sale on 5 packs of Chenille trim (Chenille only packs) and get one free. No limit....I love to share! I have added 9 new colors today and they are 5 yards packs. They are $2.99 per pack. I have 4 new mini Chenille trim colors: Faded Celery, Pale Antique Blue, Antique Green and  Variegated Fawn. The Medium (regular) Chenille colors are: Champagne, Buttercream, Variegated Tan, Caramel and Moss Brown.
Get them while the sale lasts!

I would write more today but I am sneezing from all this fuzz from the Chenille in this room!!!!!!!!


  1. A lovely blog, and beautiful colorways. Can't wait to touch the items ordered! Thanks to Faye for sending me your way...

  2. More pretty colours and trims to tempt me with, and a sale to boot. I can hear them calling my name.

  3. Oh how beautiful...I love your very lovely blog...I cant see what is going on because my darn dashboard has taken all my follower's off for some reason. come by I am having a blog give away.

  4. Yeah I finally figured this blog thing out. Now I can really be enabled with all of these pretty things

  5. Yikes, I did not know you had Chenille trim! I need to get some of that, it is just what I need for finishing. I have been so out of touch due to my relocation from TX to the Northeast!

  6. Hi Nancy...Can I order the following:
    Faded Celery, Pale Antique Blue, Antique Green, Variegated Fawn, Champagne, Moss Brown.

    Can you email me an invoice? I will send you my new address for shipping (I moved from Texas).

    Thanks! MarieP

  7. just received my chenille trims and ric rac and I am a very pleased customer, thank you Nancy for a lovely purchase with a friendly touch!