Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Quaker Sampler patterns added to my inventory

I have been very busy the past couple months, first with the usual spring gardening and then moving 1500 day lilies which was quite a task that I am glad is behind me. At times I wonder why I take on these projects.....

I then decided it was time to get back to fun things and of course that meant all new patterns. I wanted  to do Quaker patterns and have several shown here in the blog with a link to my ebay store. You can also email me direct to purchase if you don't use ebay. I went with the pdf format with these patterns so all of my customers can have the file quickly and not have to pay postage. I asked quite a few stitchers and they like the pdf patterns so it was the way to go. I am sure there are some who still like to collect charts but this was an easier way for me to put out more patterns quickly. I have a few ladies stitching for me now so I can focus on patterns as they are very time consuming, especially the Quaker designs.

I have always like the mottoes Love one Another and Forget Me I decided to do a pair of Quaker frames with a different motto in the center of each. I then did the pattern in two colors so you can see how different they look just by changing the color. I like the Jane Greenoff program as it allows me to show the pattern stitched on linen and it looks very nice even if it is not framed. Again, this gives me more time to work on patterns instead of stitching.
I will also be adding new floss and trim colors over the next few weeks so I can be ready for the quickly approaching stitching season when summer ends. I love that time of the be done with yard work and focus on stitching in a cozy house on a chilly day..........hurry Autumn!

Thank you for stopping by.