Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vintage Seam Tape Ribbon is here!

The Vintage Seam Tape Ribbon has arrived...or at least the first wave of it. I will list a dozen colors today...stock and right off the roll. week I will begin to over dye some of it for a WOW vintage look. I experimented already on some bright red and brought it down to a deep antique red and was very pleased. Next week I will work with the pastels and tint them a bit. The stock ribbon will be $2.50 for 5 yards on a card. The over dyed will be $2.99 for 5 yards. This is rayon and has a soft sheen to it but not too shiny so it looks vintage. Great for edging pillows and cushions, making flowers and sewing them on little gifts. I make  the same ribbon  flowers (that I used to make tiny flowers) and use the larger ribbon. Then you can sew them in place on all your projects. I like to finger press them flat for a vintage look. I will show some examples of this in weeks to come. There are only so many hours in a day...and believe me, I wish there were more! A dear friend of mine asked if I ever sleep or do I run on a battery pack! I didn't want to let the secret out...but I have several battery packs!

I will also be listing some hand tinted cotton seam tape next week. It is a nice  quality tape and still very flexible like the rayon is but has a more textured feel. I thought I would experiment with dyes on this...I only have 1,000 yards of the cotton so far...hard to find it on rolls from suppliers....but if there is some out there I will find it!

I should have dozens of colors of rayon ribbon tape listed in the weeks to come....then I need to find the next hunting again!!



  1. These look wonderful as well Nancy!!! I cannot wait to get my package of goodies!! Thanks again for the awesome job~~ Faye

  2. The ribbons look fantastic, I want to come and play at your house.