Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mini cotton Chenille trim is here!

This has been a fun week and a busy but productive one. I have been dyeing lots of mini cotton chenille trim. This mini trim is great for all of those little pillows, pin cushions, boxes, jar lids and anything else you can think to decorate. The possibilities are endless. I am even going to do a sampler with this mini trim as a divider between sections...pattern in the works right now. The mini trim is 1/8" wide.

I like to sew my trims on rather than glue them on. No chance of a glob of glue on a precious needlework project. The couching technique for sewing on the trim is the easiest for me. The trim is put into any position you want and sew stitches over the trim to hold it down. Don't pull the stitches too tight and it won't ripple and pucker...unless that is the look you were aiming for.

You can make flowers by cutting small pieces of trim and sewing them down as shown in this picture. Sew the trim in a straight line...or curve to fit the shape of an object... zig zag it like ric rac trim. Have fun and be creative.

You can leave it fluffed and round or flatten it....if you were wanting it to border a photo in a scrap book it will lay flat when pressed. Finger pressing is usually all it requires.

I will be listing pastel colors and a wider Chenille trim next week.
For's back to the dye pot!



  1. Now even more tempted. My wheels are turning, can you hear them, with ideas on how I could use this new trim. I think I've found a new addiction.

  2. What lovely, lovely things you are coming up with all the time Nancy. I just love everything you do!


  3. You are doing an awesome job Nancy!!! I am getting my order ready!!! Keep it coming..Linda showed me the dyed buttons, rickrack and trim....Oh My Goodness!!! They are heavenly!!! Take care, Faye

  4. OH those look fabulous. I am waiting for the larger chenille - hoping you do a nice tan in it.

  5. the chenille is gorgeous, and couching it on looks wonderful, will need to try this