Thursday, January 13, 2011

Preview of Valentine's Day give-away

I thought I would show you my latest design....and one that I will be giving away for Valentines's Day next month. I will announce the give-away on another post so keep tuned. I will be giving away three kits of my latest designs. I will be offering these as leaflets and kits after I get everything printed and packaged.
I put this finished piece in a frame to show one way it could be displayed and then I made it into a little pillow...a wonderful gift for a special friend.

The design is 5 x 6 inches so it fit nicely into a small frame and a small pillow. I remembered I had a huge roll of a very tiny trim and I decided to use it on this piece to dress it up. I went with a light colored fabric to surround the piece and for the backing. I tried several fabrics...the darker colors made it look more casual and the lighter dressed it up. I used a high quality muslin fabric as I like the tiny flecks in it that complimented the coloration in the Aida Rustico Oatmeal fabric that I stitched this on. I will also offer this on linen and will have that picture at a later can only stitch so many at a time!

I will be showing you the other two kits that I will be giving away very soon.....and then give the details of the drawing. I have to say....I love to share!!!!!

Have a great day!



  1. Ilove this "love" pattern!!! Cant wait to see more of them!!! Good job, Faye

  2. Ohhhh Nancy, THIS is a beauty !!!

  3. Yet another pretty design, can't wait for the giveaway and to see the other designs that you have.