Friday, January 7, 2011

From Me to Thee

From Me to Thee.....a little token of friendship made into a small pillow 6x6 inches. I stitched this in soft tones of antique green, gold and faded rose for lettering. I added two small butterflies that I had dyed to match. When you stitch the body with a few stitches, the wings lift up a bit off the fabric....just adorable. I bought these trims many years ago and finally found a use for them. When I offer this as a kit, two butterflies will be included in each one. I hope to have charts and kits completed in two weeks....lots of work to do for sure. There is never a shortage around here!

I will also offer this kit available on linen as well as aida. I ordered 40 yards of assorted linen and will dye some for new patterns as well as these I have just completed. They will be pictured on both fabrics. I wish they would add more hours to the day and then I could do all I need to do! I also need to add on to this house and I have taken over half of it (and we already remodeled once to double the size), the whole basement and we have a building 30x60 we use as a work shop for the frames. Who would have thought a motto collection would turn into an all-consuming passion....but I do love what I do.
Back to the drawing board.......



  1. Oh dear Nancy, my resolve to stitch my stash this year is being severely tested--this is adorable.

  2. What a pretty design. I'm trying to save money this year and stitch through my stash, but your new designs are surely testing that resolve.


  3. Ohh my ... Nancy, this one is SO beautiful with those two butterflies. I LOVE IT !!!

  4. How pretty! I love this little design.