Sunday, June 27, 2021

Important floss and linen club updates

Posting important floss and linen club updates  once again.

 Both clubs ARE available on Ebay and Etsy.
Now you can order the sets you would like from a large selection.

You will NOT be getting the regular Paypal invoices from us. We have notified Paypal to stop sending those invoices. If you do get one, as Paypal can be slow with changes, DO NOT PAY the invoice. 
****If you have any old unpaid invoices do not pay those either.

Please order on the other sites. Our available floss sets are shown there.
***Important price increases are reflected there. Wholesale floss prices increased drastically over a year ago and we continued to keep the prices low as long as we could. Our shipping costs have gone up and other wholesale prices are on the rise.

The listings for floss will be for 6 or 12 skeins. Titles will be Limited Editions or Primitives  and then will change each month.

We will list in batches each day so we can keep to shipping within 24 hours of orders placed. We will list more each day from the 1st-15th of each month. You can then purchase the club and amount you want and re-order if you want more.

Linens will be listed each month and you can purchase colors and counts you like. This will be much easier.

From our previous post:
We thought it would be easier than adjusting invoices for postal increases since they will calculate exact postage for you, current supply increases.....and you can purchase the months you want or extras of any club. Paypal and many other payment options with either site and orders are shipped within 24 hours. The best part.

This will help us since many of you have occasional vacation holds.
Or when you need to skip a month. Or pay on a certain date.
Or buy an extra month for colors you like. Change of address or club shipments, etc. It gets crazy changing your invoices for you so now you can purchase the sets you like or you can alternate primitives with limited editions. Or change linen counts.

Ebay site is here. We have had the store since 2005 for motto kits, floss, charts, chenille trims, etc,

Etsy site is here

We think this will be a lot easier for us not sending invoices and we thank you for working with us. We appreciate your business and the great response we have had to the change to both sites and the huge volume of orders since our last post.


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