Thursday, February 25, 2021

Important updates and a thank you to our suppliers

 Last year was difficult for the manufacturers everywhere. With many restrictions and lockdowns they continue to do their best to provide us with merchandise.

I have been told by my distributor that Zweigart is still 4 months behind in production but they have added a third shift to help them and hopefully they will get caught up. They have been struggling since last spring.

We were pleased to receive a pallet of 19 boxes of floss cones delivered by the freight company, 715 pounds of floss! The DMC sales rep told me they are working with 25% staff in the warehouse. We have been working long hours to dye and card floss. I do the floss 12 hours a day and Tom does emails, packing and shipping. I know it has been difficult for some of you who are anxious for your orders. We understand. We have enough floss to get us through 6 months and should have another shipment in 60 days.

January and February clubs are still shipping and should be complete by early next week. March should ship by the end of March. This has been no easy task to catch up after we received back ordered inventory.

We thank all of you for understanding. Covid has made everything difficult and stressful for all of us. We will get through this.

Thank you

Nancy and Tom

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