Thursday, November 26, 2020

Updates, shipments, linen and floss, oh my!

 We have received two large shipments of linen this week and have 50 bolts in assorted counts. As you may know, Zweigart in Germany had Covid  restrictions starting back last summer and cut production. With increased demand they got further behind....and are now 3-4 months behind on production. We are on the schedule to receive linen each month and we are now in a good position with linen for several months ahead for the clubs.

We have seen delays from companies all over the internet and know we are not alone in this.

Our DMC orders are arriving and we have floss for 6 months for the clubs and hope to be stocked for 12 months by January. One can never have enough floss!

We will be working fast and furious to have the November orders out by the 30th if possible.....this has been difficult for everyone and we appreciate your patience. We are all in the same boat and working together is the key. Covid cases have been very high in my area of Illinois since last spring....we have not been to a store since early March and have everything delivered. With all the autoimmune diseases I have we simply can't take a chance.

We thank you for your business during these difficult times. We are doing the best we can to provide you with our wholesale prices on linens and floss. We hope you continue your memberships through next year with us. Invoices go out each month until you cancel.

Thank you to the 1078 members we now have in the clubs.

A BIG thank you to Tom who has been answering emails and doing all the packing and shipping since July.

Be sure to join us for The Twelve Days of Christmas starting on the 1st. It will be a little different this year but we will have lots of nice gifts to share with you.


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