Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Still shipping for August and thank you for your patience

We are still shipping for August and we thank you for your patience. SO many postal problems these days.....good grief.
We just keep trying the best that we can during a difficult postal time.

We want to thank you.....we have received so many nice emails telling us you appreciate our efforts. We have only had a few nasty ones! lol   But I guess not everyone is patient and kind.

Thank you for sharing your postal problems with us too! Shipping from other companies that seem to have the same issues....missing packages, no tracking, sent to other cities and gal said her package was headed to Canada and she lives here.

We are persistent and will continue to ship. We will continue to take good care of our loyal customers. We will continue to give you the best wholesale prices. Hopefully the post office will get it together soon.

Thank you.

Nancy and Tom

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