Monday, April 13, 2020

Club shipments during the pandemic

The club shipments started going out on the 10th and will continue through the 22nd. I ship around 75 packages each day, giving them to my mail carrier since I don't leave the house during this pandemic. I have several auto immune diseases and can't take any chances.

Since my mail carrier has to scan each first class package I can only give them 75 per day.....and they complain about it constantly. Drives me crazy. I simply can't give them 700 packages in one day.
Thank you for your patience!

Everyone take care and stay well.



  1. Amazing that they complain about it. Not sure what it's like there, but here, part of their wages are based on the amount of packages that they touch. My mail lady used to ask me to ship my bigger mailings on "mail count" weeks if at all possible. And...isn't it their job!?!? Good for you for having such a great business. Stay healthy!!

  2. Thanks for letting us know. I was wondering how you were handling shipments.

  3. Whatever you need to do to stay safe and healthy. I am looking forward to seeing this months shipment as last was amazing but I have plenty to keep me busy till it gets here.

  4. Stay in and Stay healthy :)