Sunday, August 11, 2019

Free skein with Blue and Green Floss Collections to continue

The new Blue and Green Collections have been very popular.....thank you for your orders. I have decided to continue to give a free skein with each of the next 50 sets of these colors....everyone loves free goodies!
Lets show the Essential Blue Collection first. From very light to dark blue...and beautiful colors in between...a couple colors are very close in color so you can do a Quaker or have great shading in your stitching. Nice variation in these colors
Next we have the Essential Green Collection

To order either collection just send me an email.
BONUS..... I am including a free surprise skein with each set for the next 50 sets sold.

The winners of this give-away will be announced on the 14th so stay tuned.


  1. Your color selections are always so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Blue and lovely! Thanks

  3. Stunning in color on both sets! Your talented Ms. Nancy and also a very giving person. Happy Birthday on Wednesday have an excellent time. I know I will!

  4. Beautiful colors. Thanks, as always, for you generosity Nancy.

  5. Gorgeous collections! Happy Birthday!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Both sets are winners!

  7. I would love a chance for either. They are both my favorite colors.
    Hoping your Birthday will be wonderful. This year has flown. Seems like only yesterday it was your birthday.