Sunday, April 28, 2019


The last orders of Mother's Flower Garden will ship tomorrow. I still have sets available if you'd like one. $29.00 plus postage
Heirloom Peony, Clematis, Hollyhock, Sweet Pea, Snapdragon, Butterfly Bush, Phlox, Mother's Favorite Petunia, Hibiscus, Primrose, Tea Rose and Royal Tulip.
The linen we were waiting for that was on back order arrived Friday and we worked fast and furious to get the last orders processed. The good news is that we have a 6 month supply on
most of the counts now. May linen will be dyed this week and hopefully all linen and floss orders will go out together the middle of the month. We know you are anxious to get your shipments.
There is always a glitch with Paypal....I see a few of the invoices went out this morning that were not supposed to go out until the 1st. Just ignore them until the 1st!  And we had trouble with printing labels on Paypal for several days so when they quit working we switched to the other mailing service.
If you have questions you can email me at any time. Posting comments here I might not get to for a while so please email requests/questions.
If you get a reply from Tom, that is my son and my business partner. He does quite a bit of the work with me now.
Thank you


  1. Tom is the best and has helped me out more than once. Family ties are great!

  2. Looking forward to getting my March and April fabric, since Paypal messed up my zip code for March! Your fabric is all so beautiful!!

  3. Glad you have some help!!! ~Robin~