Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Return To Sleepy Hollow Collection

I have a few of the boxed sets of Return to Sleepy Hollow still available. AND if you preordered and have not yet paid you need to do so as soon as possible. nbelgian@aol.com

Fiery Eyes Pumpkin, Haunted Bridge, Galloping Hessian, Ghost of the Hollow, Dark Horse, Ichabod Crane 1799, Olde Tombstones, Spirited Pumpkin, Shadows Beset Your Path, The Schoolmaster, Headless Horseman, and Return to Sleepy Hollow!
Tomorrow I will announce the winner for this boxed set so stay tuned.

I will also have a new give-away in my next post........a new give-away of my very favorite floss set.............you don't want to miss this one.