Sunday, September 30, 2018

Bewitching Hour has sold out but stay tuned.....

UPDATE: The Bewitching Hour floss collection has sold out. I am pleased to tell you that I am working on the color selections for the next set in this series. And I promise to dye a triple dye lot. I will post in a few weeks when they are ready and do another give-away.
AND......I will have the Return to Sleepy Hollow (Halloween oranges, pumpkins, yellow, purples, browns, etc.)floss ready in two weeks and give a box of those away so stay tuned.
A big thank you for the great response to these collections.

I have a few gals who still need to pay for their sets and if by chance they don't want them I will post if I have a few sets left to purchase.

Reminder: the club invoices go out tomorrow and Tuesday. No changes to your club shipments can be made at this time. Please make any changes two weeks prior to invoice day. Thank you.



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  2. Hello Nancy. I’m sorry to keep bothering you about my floss sets but I still haven’t gotten anything about my invoice. I’ve been waiting a nd haven’t gotten anything