Sunday, March 19, 2017

Adding DMC conversions to all Limited Edition colors

Although it takes a lot more time to match colors......I am adding the DMC conversions to all of the Limited Edition colors  (starting next month) and the Primitive Limited Edition colors for the clubs. There will be times when a color is so variegated that I cannot match it....but for the most part, I will be able to give you the conversions. You can then cross reference to other companies using the DMC color.
I know this helps a lot of stitchers who need the conversion. I have always just selected colors I want for a design and don't go by names or numbers but I though this added work would pay off if it helps some of you. These will all be available from me direct, through the clubs and listed in my ebay store. I list the extra boxes of Limited and Primitive Limited Editions there. You don't get the club price with the free skein but for those of you who only want to buy some here and there, they are available.

I will start adding  these conversions to my new flowers sets too.
I added them to My Mother's Flower Garden I just recently finished and I am working on a set of Red Roses next week and I will add them there too. And I have a mountain of floss to dye this spring and lots of new sets will be coming soon. I love the flower sets.....I guess they are my favorite. It seems like you can use those colors in so many designs, especially samplers.
Stay tuned for more flower sets coming soon.

We are still adding machinery to the work shop. So many saws, routers, jigs, dovetail machines, planer, jointer, etc. We will start cutting and working with the first designs for the sewing boxes later this month. We are building a security wall in the can never be too safe with your investment. After we get all these things done we will be back to making picture frames and the new sewing boxes. There is always so much to do around here!

Spring.......lots of flowers and flowering trees all over our yard.  We didn't have much disappointing. But I will let these beautiful spring flowers inspire me with their brilliant colors in my flower boxes.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nancy, you are always so kind and thoughtful to stitchers. Thank you for adding a DMC conversion to your floss. Enjoy your day!

  2. I know this will really be helpful to many with the DMC conversion numbers. You are just one amazing, talented and generous lady, Miss Nancy!

  3. That is a lot of work for you, and I know many stitchers are based in DMC, or do XS that is charted in DMC. They will certainly be pleased by this! Since I don't use DMC more than once in two years, and don't do XS, I can appreciate your work, but you can toss one set aside for me and don't label it, if you want. Save yourself one tiny bit of work! LOL

  4. veo que estas ampliando el taller , eso es bueno y me alegro , estoy deseando ver esos nuevos colores



  5. I have admired my floss from your club many times over and just now noticed it on the Ultimate Collection. I started a new cross stitch pattern using your floss instead of DMC. Using hand dyed floss is new to me and I am loving it so far. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  6. Can't wait to see what new lovelies you create!! :D

  7. Looking forward to more flower sets! :)