Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New colors for The Primitive Floss Collection

Still very busy here....counting, carding, boxing, counting, carding, carding, tired of carding floss! Some days I think I can't count to 20 and card one more floss color. I did 700 yesterday in between a million other things.

So I was changing the colors in the Primitive Collection. These were limited editions and I started out with dozens of tans and browns and a few other colors. I slowly added blues and greens, plum, wine, pinks, as I thought I needed to round it out a bit. Last week 12 colors hit the dye pot and I added them....or shall I say I replaced some older colors. As I run low on a limited edition I replace it with a new color. I think 29 of these colors have been replaced in the last 6 months so it is almost like a new collection.

I also decided to make it 45 skeins instead of 46. There are  900 yards of stitching pleasure for $90. I also ordered boxes to fit this collection. They are 7 x 10 inches and 2 inches deep and hold them perfect. You be the judge:

These boxed sets will be available October 7th and only direct through me and not on ebay. You can place your order now to hold one for you.

I will be boxing the Hearthside Collection and the Red and Cream Favorites this weekend and I will show them to you. They will also be available October 7th along with a lot of other new goodies and give-aways.

Thanks for stopping by to see the new colors. As you can imagine....I need to get back to carding floss!

                                          The Floss Queen


  1. Dear Floss Queen,
    Your new colors are simply fabulous. And 45 is a good number! I wish I lived nearer, I would be happy to help card floss for you.

  2. Beautiful colors Nancy hugs Marie-Claire

  3. Oh, I like this new combination! I'm giving this serious consideration. But I also like some other collections. Decisions, decisions!

  4. Wow, all very pretty colors.

  5. Oh those are pretty colors! I love the blues!

  6. I think they look lovely in your new box set, Nancy. Such pretty colors. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your new sets too. You are the "Floss Queen". Thanks for giving us a peek!

  7. So beautiful, love the colors, I bought a Necessaire and now have to save and buy the new The Primitive Floss Collection.


  8. Yes, you ARE the Floss Queen! LOL The new colors are so beautiful and I really want to see the red and cream. Yum!

  9. Your Primitive Collection is absolutely gorgeous!! You must be going a hundred miles an hour to get everything done that you do. I am so impressed!! Hugs to you...................