Saturday, February 27, 2016

Another very busy week at The Motto Shoppe

It was another very busy and productive week here at The Motto Shoppe. I stitched two mottoes for seems like the harder mottoes are the ones that they would like me to stitch and I understand. Some do take longer to stitch and have more detail.
The first was Give Us this day our Daily Bread. This pattern is one I reproduced from an antique I had in my collection. I buy and sell the antiques all the time. Once I realized I had too many....the walls were full....several closets were was time to sell some of them so others could enjoy them. is the motto in one of our fancy frames with the fretwork all around. My son makes these and I carve The corner leaves.
And then I stitched another one on brown paper...didn't I just say I wasn't going to do another one??? I have stitched 3 on brown paper in 6 weeks and just gave a quote for another today. It is much harder to see the pattern on the dark paper and rough on the eyes. You need good lighting when stitching on the darker paper. This is my Home Sweet Home. A nice companion motto to the Scatter Smiles on brown paper.
And now I am headed back to carving frames and corner leaves for 6 frames. Floss?? Still on the back burner but I will do a marathon dyeing session soon and have it completed.
Don't forget to sign up for the big drawing tomorrow for your choice of gift boxes of floss. Several colors to choose from.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day.


  1. Gorgeous work, I love the darker paper, it may be more difficult but the colors with it just pop and sing. Absolutely love the frames, your son is doing a great job. Guida

  2. Oh, Nancy, these are gorgeous. No wonder people love these! Beautiful work!

  3. Hi Nancy, I'd love to win a gift box of your flosses-count me in! - tedra

  4. Hi Nancy, I'd love to win a gift box of your flosses-count me in! - tedra

  5. Adorable !Just love the deep colours of the Home Sweet Home one .
    Count me in to your lovely floss give away ...pleeeeeeease ! :)