Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Charm of Friendship in reds is finished

The Charm of Friendship (in reds) is finished. I just received it in the mail and I am very pleased with Teresa's work. Beautiful stitching. I still have several models out there being stitched and a couple that had to be started over when stitchers quit on their projects.

The finished size on this is 14 x 16" on 32 ct linen.
My dark champagne linen doesn't show the shade as well as I would like in this photo. I always have trouble with linen as it doesn't photograph like the true shade it is. I have seen other stitchers comment that they have the same problem. Any suggestions? Flash and outdoor pictures are too bright and show it lighter...this is photographed just inside the door with bright light coming in. Under lamps shows too dark......

Anyways......back to a new pattern and I will start dyeing more floss tomorrow as the rain has finally stopped and it will be a good day to dry the floss outside.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!


  1. Beautiful. I always photograph my stitching in artificial light using the setting "shoot without flash in low light reducing blur" It is also labelled High Sensitivity ISO.

    Don't know if that helps or not!

  2. Yes, it truly is difficult to get true pictures of our stitching. This probably doesn't help since I do it on my phone, but I have a free app on my phone called Aviary. I originally don't get it for anything having to do with stitching pics. I just liked the fun filters and other settings to play with to doctor up pics. However, when I was later getting frustrated trying to get a good pic of a stitched piece, I used it to fix the pic after the fact. I just played with things like brightness, contrast, warmth, etc until what I saw looked like the true thread/linen colors.

  3. Beautiful work. I also love The Beauty of Spring stitchery. 'Need to get some cross stitching done. Yes, I also just realized recently that the setting "without flash in low light reducing blur" produces much better photos.

  4. Love this one, Nancy. The colors are wonderful and love all the designs in it too.
    Judy in Kansas

  5. una preciosidad de trabajo