Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Combining parts of samplers for something new

I like to combine parts of samplers to come up with something new...either for myself or a gift. I wanted to see this new blue floss on natural linen so I stitch it this week on 32ct. I took the verse from Teach me to feel another's woes and used the border(I changed it a bit) from the I'll put the kettle on sampler. I just kind of did it as you go...stitched the verse and then did the border around it. I had an antique frame that was the perfect size for this little verse. I needed something else to add to the "blue" now I will frame it and hang it on the wall. I guess I am done with blue for a while...and need to get back to patterns. I have a dozen or so that I need to put to back to work. I just wanted to share a bit for today.

I hope you are all still stitching...I know a lot of my friends drop the needlework (I didn't know that was possible for an addict!) when the spring weather arrives and they do outside activities. I hurry to do the yard work and get back to the needle work!

Have a great day.


  1. I am all about the needlework. It comes before EVERYTHING. I think I'm addicted too. :o)


  2. Nancy, your little blue sampler turned out great didn't it? :) I do a lot less needlework and take up the gardening again. I enjoy both. Easter blessings to you Nancy.

  3. I have been working on a few projects done just as you have suggested in this post.... Been making samplers from bits and pieces of other patterns... to memorialize my old primary school teachers and the old school I attended. Lots of fun!!
    And yes, stitching comes before most things for me.... I need to teach myself to do my chores before I sit to stitch!!!

  4. ohh that is lovely too :) and I'm with you get things done and out of the way then can spend more time with needle and thread :) love mouse xxxxx

  5. Beautiful Nancy! I know what you mean about being an addict. I hurry to everything so I can stitch. :-)

  6. That's lovely! Spring and summer are always hard as there's so much to get done outside, but can't give up on the stitching!!!

  7. I just love looking at all your stitching! I'm not able to garden due to allergies, but I love to take my stitching outside when the weather is warm, calm and sunny. I like to get all my work done early so I can spend the rest of my time stitching. I'm definitely addicted!

  8. Your sampler looks lovely. The border fit perfectly with the verse. Great job incorporating two patterns for 1 sampler. I like to stitch in the morning because I love the natural light. But I do find that more chores get done because I want to get back to my stitching. It's all about balancing.....oh sure...Well I can think so.

  9. I know about getting yard work done to go back to stitching, That lawnmower is in high gear and my is hair is blowing back!! lol

    1. I would LOVE to see that!! I started laughing as soon as I read it as I could picture you! Careful on those corners! Maybe I need to tune up my lawnmower to make it go faster......and you ought to see me with a weed eater!

  10. oh my Nancy! Both are beautiful!!!!! Love them both! I really like the verse separate but also love it with the birds!
    Um...stitching...with a newborn in the house right now & potty training a 2 year old, I am very busy...and speaking of, I hear him waking up....6 am!?!?!?

  11. Nancy
    I LOVE your "mix and match" with the're always coming up with wonderful new ideas and patterns!
    I, actually, get more time to stitch once summer rolls babysitting obligations to my three fabulous grandchildren flip to summer recess!!!!
    Happy Easter...Happy Spring

  12. I think its a wonderful idea to combine the two and it looks great. Well done.

  13. Very pretty Nancy. I'm afraid DH does the outside work. That's why I love stitching it is portable and when the weather improves you can take it outside.

  14. Nancy Please include me in your givaway, I have posted this lovely givaway on my blog site.
    Happy Easter