Saturday, March 17, 2012

Aplhabet Ornamets H, I and J completed

I was burning the midnight oil again last night....running out of oil around here .......but I finished the Letters H,  I and J for the Alphabet Ornament Series. Three charts for each of the letters. H includes Home sweet home; the I letter has I will always kiss you goodnight...another adorable saying and so good to apply! The J has with Joy we greet you.
I am having so much fun creating this alphabet series that I think I will start on the Halloween alphabet when I am done. Of course there will be a dozen other patterns squeezed in between.

Thanks for stopping by....have a great day!


  1. wow you really don't waste time. It's amazing how much you get done ... (do you sleep? .. occasionaly?)

  2. Nancy
    You'd better rest up a bit; we don't want you to burn out! You continue to do wonderful things with design. I look forward to seeing the Halloween charts...I just LOVE Halloween.
    Busy Hands...Happy Heart

  3. I think I is my favorite so far! I just love the "I Will Always Kiss You Goodnight" sentiment. It makes me want to go wake up my kids just so I can squeeze them again.

    Now get some sleep!

  4. You are one busy lady. Love all these new designs you are coming out with. hard to keep up...LOL
    thank you for designing such gorgeous pieces
    Judy in Kansas

  5. These are beautiful - as always.

  6. I am next the letter K I can hardly wait Sincerely a follower in Ohio whose name is Kathy that is why I am so excited that K is next

  7. The patterns are beautiful as always you never cease to amaze us with your patterns.

  8. More fantastic letters, who knew that a bunch of people could get so excited about the alphabet. Every one of these designs is beautiful.