Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Name my new limited editions collections and win some hand dyed floss!

Are you having fun with the give-aways?? Lets do it again!!! I have several new limited edition sets of floss for sale...and they need some better names....so lets have a contest and YOU PICK THE NAME for the collection and win some floss!
POST THE NAME OF THE COLLECTION HERE TO ENTER. (even if your name for a color is already chosen, you can enter it) Be creative....just don't get too crazy on me....pick a nice name for each collection of floss (the whole collection, not individual color names) that you would like to win. Enter a name for each collection and I will pick 10 winners. Each winner will receive a set of floss.
You must be a follower. Mention it on your blog and get another entry.
Here are the colors in each collection.
These are the Heather/Lavender shades.
These are the Antique Plum shades.
These are the Antique Peach shades.
These are the Russet/Brown shades.
Enter now.  Name the color/colors you like. You will have an entry for each set you name. If I draw your name more than once you will win more than one set.
Thank you for participating in the fun. I love to share!
Drawing to be February 28th so you have lots of time to tell your friends to enter.
Good luck!



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  2. Love your flosses and I'd love to enter your giveaway, I'd name the colours as follows.
    1. Heather/Lavenders = Mountain Heather
    2. Plums = Plum Fairy
    3. Peach = Sunset
    4. Russet/Browns = Fallen Leaves and these would be my favourite colours.

    I am a follower :)

    1. Fallen Leaves - beautiful name! I too had a autumn forrest in mind!

  3. I love the antique plum shades

  4. I also love the heather/lavender shades

  5. Here are my suggestions, hope I win this time!

    1) Heather/Lavender - Purple Rain
    2)Antique Plum - Blueberry Swirl
    3)Peach - English Rose
    4)Brown - Forrest Treasures, Autumn Forrest or Amber Forrest - Cant make up my mind! :)

    Best Regards

  6. hi,please count me in for this lovely giveaway..
    ohh i love the antique plum shade,,
    thank you cucki xx

  7. They are all lovely
    Russet/ Browns ~ Autumn Leaves
    Plums ~ Rich and Juicy
    Heather/Lavenders ~ Calming heathers
    Peaches ~ Sweet and sticky

    The last one my son came up with!!! lol

  8. How about...
    Heather Fields
    Plum Paisley
    Peach Sorbet
    Autumn Harvest

    They are all so beautiful...good luck everyone!

  9. Heather/Lavender - Twilight Smoke
    Antique Plum - Twilight
    Antique Peach - Summer Sunset
    Russet Brown - Pumpkin Patch
    Had to come up with alternates since my first choice was taken.
    This was fun.

  10. 1. Aurora Nightfall
    2. Purple Haze
    3. Summer Splendor
    4. Vintage Autumn

    Thanks for the chance :)

  11. Heather/Lavender- Lavender Fields
    Antique Plum - Plum Pudding
    Antique Peach-Peach Cobbler
    Russet Brown-Harvest Dreams
    This was fun and I would love to be entered in the giveaway.The thread is beautiful!Hugs,Jen

  12. They are so beautiful. I'm afraid I'm not good
    at naming things. I just want to say how pretty
    they are.

  13. Oh what a lovely contest, please enter me - here is my offering:

    Heather/Lavender - MEDLEY OF MAUVE
    Antique Plum - CRANBERRY FUSION
    Antique Peach - AFRICAN SUNSET
    Russet Brown - BURNT AUTUMN

    Good luck everyone - love Michelle x

  14. Okay, Here goes
    Heather/Lavender Imperial
    Antique Plum Poisonberry
    Antique Peach Blushing
    Russet Brown Turkish Delight
    Thanks so much for the opportunity

  15. What fun! How about:
    1. Lavender Bliss
    2. Berry Cobbler
    3. Peach Smoothie
    4. Fall Carpet

    Best of luck everyone!

  16. Thanks :)
    1: Lavender Dreams
    2: Blackthorn
    3: Créme brulée
    4: Lorelai

  17. Love the colors!!
    My first thought was Lavender fields but someone already picked that so:
    1. lavender bouquet or lilac bouquet
    2. Berry patch or berry bramble
    3. peaches and cream
    4. Autumn splendor

  18. Thx for the fun, beautiful colors, enjoyed reading the comments too! I'm a follower, have added this to my blog's Sweet Giveaways tab.

    Heather/Lavender - Pansies On Parade
    Antique Plum - Razzleberry Madness
    Antique Peach - Scarves of Morocco (these are pretty)
    Russet Brown - Sassparilla Delight

  19. I would love a chance to use your floss. 1)browns, 2) peaches, 3)Plums. and 4) lavenders. Thanks I am a follower.

  20. 1.Heather moorlands
    2.plum loveliness
    3.peach sorbet
    4.Autumn Harvest

    Beautiful colours
    Tina c

  21. Here are my ideas:
    1. Lavender sky
    2. Peach parfait
    3. Plum blossoms
    4. Autumn leaves
    Thanks for a chance to name your beautiful threads.

  22. Listed in order from top favorite to favorite, cuz I LUV them all!!

    Heather/Lavender — Wistful Wisterias
    Russet/Brown — Sultry Sienna’s
    Antique Plum — Cerise Serenade
    Antique Peach — Mango Mistress

    I am a follower and enjoy reading via reader. I will also mention on my blog.

    Bridgette ~ stitchsavelive.blogspot.com

  23. 1) Smokey Haze, as it reminds me of the Smokey Mountains
    2) Plumberry Pie, the colors remind me of a berry pie
    3) Peaches and Cream
    4) Indian Summer

  24. Here are my choices:

    1. Summer hydrangeas (purples)
    2. Raspberry cobbler (plums)
    3. Autumn sunset (peach)
    4. Autumn leaves (browns)


  25. We're having a blast - I hope you are, too!
    1. Heather/Lavendar = Iris in Bloom
    2. Antique Plum = Lipstick Lavendar
    3. Antique Peach = Pretty Peaches
    4. Russet/Brown = Autumn Leaves

    Your giveaways are listed on my sidebar. Thanks for your generosity!

    1. I am too! I LOVE the names!!!!Wish I could use them all....we are going to have to do this again...this is too much fun! You gals are great for playing along with this one.

  26. 1. Purple Haze
    2. Passion for Plum
    3. Orange and Peach Sorbet
    4. Toffee and Coffee

    I'm not the best with naming colours...quite a few of mine were already taken so I did my best! I would love to be entered in yet another one of your generous giveaways!!

    Number 1 colours is PURPLE!! followed by #2, #4 then #3

  27. 1)Thunder sky (lavendar)
    2)Plum jam (plum)
    3)Augusta Louise (peach) - sorry my roses interfere here, it's blossooms have about the same colour range else peachy passion
    4)back to the roots (brown)

    lovely colours by the way!
    I had some more names but not in English, so probably no use to you

  28. What a great contest!

    1. Lavender Hills
    2. Plum Pudding
    3. Peach Basket
    4. Autumn Trees

    Thank you!

  29. Another interesting and fantastic giveaway! Wooohooo!
    I would suggest:
    Heather/Lavender shades - Fragrance of Lavender
    Antique Plum shades - Plum Pudding
    Antique Peach shades - Honey Peaches
    Russet/Brown shades - Love of vintage


  30. Hmm...Fields of Heather/Plum Crazy/Peach Cobbler/Autumn Haze

    I am a follower, and will post on my blog too. These are lovely shades!

  31. What fun! I am a follower and would love a chance!
    1. Springtime Medley
    2. Sugar Plum Fairies
    3. Sun-kissed Roses
    4. Autumn Cornucopia

  32. Reminds me of harvest time. "Autumn Harvest" is a good name for the collection.

  33. I am a follower and I submit the following suggestions for your new colours.
    1. Passion Berries
    2. Plum Lustre
    3. Sunsets
    4. Tigers Eye

  34. 1. Heavenly Heather
    2. Plum Pudding
    3. Peach Parfait
    4. Autumn Fields
    I am a follower of your blog. They are all lovely colors but the last one is my favorite. Thanks for the chance. Fun contest!

  35. How the heck can you choose with all these great names? Or pick a personal favorite color when they're all so beautiful?And for some reason, I'm now craving fruits.

  36. I deleted my first comment because in my haste I didn't include the NAMES. sorry.

    Your flosses are soooo lovely. Please enter me. I like them all!

    Russet/Brown--Autumn Whispers (ME!!!!)
    Heather/Lavendar--Purple Passion
    Peach--Summer Sunset
    Plum--Berry Bliss

    I now follow so I can keep up with all the wonderful info here. Thank you!

  37. Here are my suggestions (I am a follower) for these lovely lines:

    Victorian Winter’s Twilight
    Madeline’s Sugar Plums
    Milady’s Frosted Peach
    The Cottager’s Rustics

  38. Nancy
    This is so much fun...here goes with my choices:
    1. Heather/Lavender...LAVENDER FIELDS
    2. Antique Plum...MAJESTIC PLUM
    3. Antique Peach...PEACH MELBA
    4. Russet/Brown...BROWN SUGAR
    Thank you for this opportunity!
    Busy Hands...Happy Heart

  39. Nancy, I read your entry on my phone at work and have been dreaming names all afternoon. Here are my suggestions:
    Heather/Lavenders ~ Lavender Dreams
    Antique Plums ~ Grandmother's Rose Garden
    Antique Peaches ~ Peach Sorbet
    Russet/ Browns ~ Autumn's Luster

    I am a follower.

  40. beautiful colors!
    1.Lavender Moors
    2. Victorian Hues
    3. Peach whispers
    4. Country Roads
    The browns are my favorite!

  41. Oh this is fun! I haven't looked at anyone's comment so here goes...
    Lavender ... Lavender Dilly-Dilly
    Antique Plum ... Plumb Pretty
    Antique Peach ... Sweet Peaches
    Russet Brown ... Earthtone Jewels
    OK that was fun. They are all beautiful colors :-)
    Cathy Byrd
    byrd at gulftel.com

  42. Oh please forgive me. I am terrible at giving things a name and some of the other comments are so amazing. I love all of them as well as everything else you have created. Someday soon I plan on placing and order. Thank you so much

  43. I haven't read the other entries so sorry if I've duplicated any of the names already mentioned.

    For the purples: Purple Passions
    Pinks: In the Pink
    Plums: Plum Delicious
    Russets/Browns: Earthly Delights

  44. I'd love to win some of your wonderful floss! Here's my name suggestions:
    for the lavenders: layers of lilac
    for the plums: sugarplums
    antique peach: nectarine salad
    russets/browns: a touch of earth
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. Fun give away! I haven't read any of the entries, so sorry if I duplicated. How about..
    Heather/Lavendar: Lavendar Fields
    Antique Plum: Plum Gorgeous
    Antique Peach: Sun Kissed Peach
    Russet/Brown: Autumn Bliss

  46. Wow~~ What a bunch of beautiful colors!!!!!! I'm not too good at names but here is my version:

    Heather/Lavender shades - Lavender Dreams
    Antique Plum shades - Plum Violaceous
    Antique Peach shades - Rosy Sweetness
    Russet/Brown shades - Autumn Forest

  47. Hello, please enter me in the fun drawing. I am a follower. I would call the lavenders :Whimsy Lavendar Hues , the plums: Fresh Picked Berries , the peaches: Pumpkin Melodies and The rustics: Spiced Fall Harvest. Ty so much!

  48. Heather/Lavender — Fields of Flowers
    Russet/Brown — Dark to Drab
    Antique Plum — Plums to Prunes
    Antique Peach — Peach Fuss

    We you didn't say they had to be any good.....giggle.

  49. love your handdyed floss ... gorgeous colors!
    1 french lilacs
    2 wild plum
    3 sunkissed
    4 forest floor

  50. They are gorgeous.
    1 Lavender Lace
    2 Plum Pudding
    3 Precious Peaches
    4 Autumn Russet

  51. How fun! Here are my suggestions:

    1. Mysterious Mangosteen
    2. Juicy Dragonfruit
    3. Powdered Peach
    4. Pumpkin Delight

    I've posted about the giveaway on my blog. Can't wait to see which names you choose!

    - Lisa N. in Cambodia

  52. Nancy, these flosses are just gorgeous! I love the richness of all the colors! Here are my name selections:

    1. Heather Moor
    2. Raspberry Fizz
    3. Mango Sunset
    4. Shades of Autumn

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Hope I win!!

  53. Here are my suggestions.

    Heather/Lavendar = Highland Mist or Lilac Mist
    Antique Plum = Plum Pudding
    Antique Peach = Summer Sunset
    Browns/Russets = Autumn Leaves

    I love everyone of these colours they all look beautiful.

  54. I'm not very good at names; but absolutly LOVE these colours hun..great job..

    Wilma's Lilacs (my Grandma Brewsters fav flower; she's been gone about 15 years now & everytime I see them I think of her.
    Sweet Magnolia
    Peach Sherbert
    Shades of Fall

    p.s. I recieved my Ric Rac and absolutly love what you sent hun; it's beautiful I posted a picture & thank you on my blog..Thanks again..

    Hugs, Shar

  55. This is so much fun Nancy! I'm not very good with naming but here goes!

    Heather/Lavender - Spring Fling
    Antique Plum - Plum Crazy
    Antique Peach - Peach Melba
    Browns/ Russet - Earthly Delights

    Thanks for the fun!

  56. They are beautiful. I would suggest

    Crystallized Violets
    Damson Wine
    Victorian Bricks

  57. Gorgeous! I would like to enter as well:
    1. Victorian Wisteria
    2. Radiant Plum
    3. Southern Rose (a type of peach)
    4. Vintage October

  58. What a generous giveaway!

    1. Lovely lavenders
    2. Perfect plums
    3. Peachy peaches
    4. Earth Day

  59. How fun but I don't have much of an imagination but here's my thoughts.....
    1. Heirloom Heathers
    2. Perfectly Picked Plums
    3. The Fuzzy Fruit Line
    4. Terra Firma

  60. OH imagination.... let´s try:

    Heather/Lavender Shades: Lilac Dreams
    Antique Plum Shades: Splendorous Plums
    Antique Peach Shades: Tea Rose
    Russet Brown Shades: Butter Toffe


  61. Nancy: Thank-you for a chance at another givaway, I am a follower, and will post on my sidebar on my blog page.
    My favorite would be:
    Antique plums-Love Is In The Air
    Heather- My Valentine
    Antique Peach-Peach Kisses
    Russet Brown-Earth Angel

    Thank-you again

  62. 1 Luscious Lavenders
    2. Perfectly Plum
    3. Peachy perfection
    4. Randomly Russett or Brazenly Brown

    Thankyou from Teena A. in Australia

  63. Beautiful Colors!
    1. Lively Lavender
    2. Passionfruity -- plum
    3. Peachy Pie
    4. Spiced Cider--- browns

  64. What fun! How about these...
    Lavender Essence
    Plum Pie/Plum Essence
    Perfectly Peach
    Shades of Autumn

    Good luck choosing ~ there's so many fun choices, it's going to be hard!! :)

  65. 1. Scottish Hills
    2. Claret Wines
    3. Tasty desserts
    4. Tanglewoods

  66. I can stitch but my mind doesn't work very well with names. But, here goes:
    1. Field of scents
    2. Dancing with Color
    3. Afternoon scenes
    4. Colors of fall.
    There have many great ideas of names.
    I would love to win and will let others know on my blog

  67. This is fun.
    1. Mauvelous Violets
    2. Peony Petals
    3. Mojave Sunrise
    4. Chocolate et Caramel (French)
    Alternatively Cioccolato e Caramella (Italian)

  68. 1- lavender fields in provence
    2- plum cobbler
    3- juicy peach cobbler
    4- earth tones

    Beautiful shades

  69. here I am...
    1 heater/Lavender: witch dresses
    2 plum shades: tuscany's red wines
    3 peaches shades: autumn leaves
    4 russet/brown shades: halloween night


  70. I'm already a follower and I have posted on my blog's sidebar: http://wagapapacreations.blogspot.com/

    This are my names:
    1. Lilac
    2. Wine taste
    3. Flesh tone
    4. Camp fire

  71. I just became a follower. Only reason I wasn't so far is because I hadn't found you :-).
    What a fun 'game', let's try if a Dutchy can play too .
    glorious lilacs
    royal plums
    oh so peachy
    autumn dreams
    Thanks for a chance to win. I love the yarn and lace I have seen so far. Don't think it's wise to look too often LOL.

  72. You do know how to make a giveaway fun!! Now that you have me going, names will be parading through my head non-stop. I was amazed, though, at how many of the "creative" suggestions that popped in my head were already suggested. Anywho - thought I'd go with something a wee bit different - since these all seem to be part of the same "family," I think a series type name would be appropriate....so here we go:
    1. Heather/Lavenders: Winter Whimsey
    2. Antique Plums: Summer Sonnet
    3. Antique Peaches: Spring Serenade
    4. Russet/Browns: Fall Folly

    Hopefully now I can get this out of my head!! ;o) Thanks, again, Nancy - for your overly generous heart and your spirit of play!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - I've posted on my sidebar so others can join the fun....)

  73. Very beautiful colors.
    1. Moonlight Heather (my favorite)
    2. Plum Fabulous
    3. Baby Doll Peach
    4. Harvest Time Rocks

  74. 1. A touch of lilac
    2. Varied Borscht
    3.Sherbet and cookies
    4. Yukon Autumn - these are the colours that predominate here in the fall.

    Lovely colours all!

  75. All the color collections are beautiful.
    1.bloomin' highlands
    2.plum thyme
    3.summertime sorbets
    4.sunflowers in Tuscany

  76. 1) Lilac Lane
    2) Grandma's Peonies
    3) Apricot taffeta
    4) Sierra

  77. Here are my ideas for these great collections:

    1. Lavender Lovelies
    2. Plum Delicious
    3. Peach Pudding
    4. Chocolate Truffles

  78. I'm new follower. Interesting giveaway.
    I would suggest:
    Heather/Lavender shades - Jewel of Purple
    Antique Plum shades - Crystal of Plum
    Antique Peach shades - Diamond of Peach
    Russet/Brown shades - Stone of Brown

  79. Heather/lavender shades - purple delicious
    Antique plum - plum yummy
    Antique peach - peach delicious
    Brown shades - autumn leaves

  80. Hi Nancy,
    Here are the names I came up with for your beautiful collection of colors.

    1. Lilac Splendor - Heather/Lavendar shades
    2. Raspberry Sorbet - Antique Plum shades
    3. Peach Cobbler - Antique Peach shades
    4. Autumn Leaves - Russet/Brown shades

    I am looking forward to see what names you decide on. They are so beautiful!!

  81. My choices are:
    1. "Highlands"- Heather/Lavender
    2. "Fine Vintage"- Antique Plum
    3. "Grandma's Spiced Peaches"- Peach shades
    4. "Warm Autumn"- Russet/ brown

    Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful threads!

  82. fields of lavender
    purely plum

  83. 1. Dreamfields
    2. Spiced Berries
    3. Sunset Skies
    4. Autumn Days

    Really pretty colours...looking forward to seeing all the answers, Cal

  84. The colours are all beautiful. My naming choices are:
    1. Scottish Heather
    2. Aged Plum
    3. Soft Peach hues
    4. Australian Outback or Canyon rock

    My favourites are 1 & 2

  85. Island Heathers
    Just Peachy
    Toffee Apples

    That was fun!


  86. 1. Lavender Delight
    2. Plum blossom
    3. Peach Melba
    4. Autumn Rustic

    I have mentioned on my blog in the message of yesterday.

  87. 1. Highland Heather
    2. Plum Delight
    3. Peach Cobbler
    4. Peanut Brittle

  88. Beautiful threads, please enter me into the draw.

    1. Purple Perfection
    2. Plum Pudding
    3. Peach Cobbler
    4. Rustic Barnyard



  89. Hi! I would name thee entire collection "Shades of the Past" then:
    1. Dusty Violette
    2. Primitive Pansies
    3. Old Lace
    4. Hearth Stone

    Ii will add your blog to my bloglist...Thanks for letting me play along!

    Lori from
    Notforgotten Farm

  90. So pretty! Here are my names:
    Highland Fields
    Raspberry Sorbet
    Peach Pie
    Pumpkin Patch OR Rake the Leaves (My favourites)

  91. Lavenders: Southern Hydrangea
    Plums: Juicy Raspberries
    Peaches: Baby’s Bottom
    Browns: Woodland Walk

  92. Hi Nancy

    What a beautiful collection of colors. I went along the lines of looking at "antique" (heirloom) fruit varieties for the peach and plum colours, and then tried to think of what the other colours "sang" to me when I first saw them.

    1. Twilight Amethyst - Heather/Lavender shades
    2. Inca Pizzazz - Antique Plum shades
    3. Aztec Gold- Antique Peach shades
    4. Sienna Sunset - Russet/Brown shades

    All the groups of colours are beautiful, but if I had to choose I would probably go for the heather/lavender colours.

    I am a follower and I will post a link to your fabulous giveaway on my sidebar.

    Thank you for the opportunity to possibily name your new colours :o)


  93. Beauiful threads Nancy.
    I'm a new follower ~ found you thru The Cranky Crow!
    The following are my names for these wonderful groups:
    1 Lavender fields
    2 Plum Crazy
    3 Peach Cobbler
    4 Wilderness retreat ~ my favorite grouping!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!
    Jean (prim.crafts at hotmail.com)

  94. 1 heather/lavender - Scottish Moors
    2 Antique Plum - Plum Purty
    3 Antique Peach - Gimme a Peach
    4 Russet/Brown - Spicy Nuts

  95. Hello!
    I woud like to play with you! Please enter my name….

    First melancholy
    Second harmony
    Third sensual cappuccino
    4th coffee aroma

    I like: Russet/Brown

    Eva from Serbia

  96. Thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway.
    1. crocus collection
    2. victorian dreams collection
    3. ripe summer peach collection
    4. favorite fall tones collection


  97. What a great idea again :)
    1) A taste of Provence
    2) Lilac Wine ( I'm fan of Jeff Buckley =D )
    3) Grandma's Confiture
    4) Couleur Café (In French, no ? =D)

  98. 1. Scottish Heather
    2. Elderberry Wine
    3. Peach Tea
    4. Chocolate Caramels

    It's hard to pick a favorite---but I think it would be group # 3!