Thursday, October 27, 2011


I worked on a Friendship Tribute Sampler pattern over the summer and am just getting the PDF file completed for it. Frames are in the works....there is always so much to do after the pattern is drawn....I had the help of two friends to stitch these for me. I stitched two because there is an alternate ending on the sampler. One says: We have chatted daily together, enjoyed the very same things. Had lots of rainy weather, but know what sunshine brings. Whatever life may choose to send, I hope to keep you my good friend. The alternate ending block says: I hope to keep all my good friends. I thought that one would be good for hanging in your own home and the other would make a great gift for a best friend. The sizes are 11x15 on 18ct Aida and 13 x 17 on 28ct linen. I used my own floss of course. The pattern will be available tomorrow.
I also had one of my Quaker patterns stitched with my new Antique Blue Variegated floss and I love how it turned out. I always liked the Flo Blue china and this reminds me of it with the way the colors flow on the pattern.
It flows from very dark blue to light blue grey. I think I will stitch a few more patterns in this color and do a series in the Quaker line.
Time to get back to the patterns....................
Happy stitching!



  1. I love the samplers! And the blue one is gorgeous too - is that your own designs?

    Beautiful work!

  2. Thank you Terri. Yes, they are my own designs. The insert on the birds Harmony Quaker is from an antique picture but the rest is mine. The friendship tribute was a challenge....took me quite a while to do that pattern!

  3. I like how the Harmony Quaker was fun to stitch! Love the colors in the sampler too!

  4. The samplers are beautiful! I especially love those blues!

  5. Love both your designs, especially the quaker one and the thread colour is gorgeous. I may have to use your quaker design for a shaker tray I got in Myrtle Beach at Pals.