Thursday, December 30, 2010


This is a motto fashioned after an antique I have.....says it perfectly!
New Year Resolutions. I try not to think of the standards, diet and exercise....but go right to the fun stuff. New designs, new floss charts to we're talking! I have done 3 new designs this past few weeks and have two of them stitched and ready for finishing/framing. New photos will be posted soon. First I have to get out the sewing machine...which I thought I was done with.....

With the motto business I did 3 new patterns a week for the first year (and stitched each one for photos). Quite an accomplishment for arthritic hands. Now I hope to do a cross stitch pattern a week for the next year. It will be a slower process than the mottoes simply because I will have to do a chart too. I will offer them as chart only and some of them as kits.

I love the look of stitching on linen...but I need my models stitched quickly so I will stitched them on aida. I am not a patient person and want them finished NOW. Aida stitches so much faster for me and I still know a lot of people who prefer it simply because it is easier to see. Age related again....the eyes are the first thing to go when stitching!

 I hope to be adding a lot of new primitive designs to the inventory as well as the Victorian mottoes. I like both....I decorate with both. I love a lacy Victorian bedroom filled with antiques. I also have a family room that reminds me of a general store! I always said I could live in a general store and be quite happy...maybe some day I will. I could be the crazy eccentric little old lady down the street......I think I am half way there.

I would like to wish each and every one of you a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!

Lets have fun stitching together!!!!!

Of course we will have to have a few give-aways during the year!



  1. Lovely stitching project! Looks so antique on the linen.

    Happy New Year!

  2. What a very pretty Motto Nancy~~~ We all have to find what we are comforable stitching on...whether it is linen, Aida, paper....Whatever makes you happy!! Just keep up the great work and those BEAUTIFUL threads coming~~~ Love every shade I have ever gotton!!

    Here's to better health, a sense of contentment and a blessed 2011~~~

    Take care, Faye

  3. An absolutely BEAUTIFUL stitch Nancy! I love your designs. I'm so glad you started this blog so we all can be inspired by your work.

    Happy New Year!!

  4. Thats a beautiful finish !! Can't wait to see the new designs :-)
    Have a wonderful New year's Eve !!

  5. What a perfect motto for this time of year. I look forward to seeing some of your new designs. Your threads are great to work with and the colours are fantastic.

    Hope you have a great 2011.


  6. Happy New Year my friend and may all your wishes come true!!

  7. Nancy, I just arrived back in the US last night, picked up my mail and there was this wonderful package from you. The Threads are so beautiful---thank you so very much, these are colors I will definitely use to stitch the sampler pattern you've included. I'm going to make these one of my "starts AND finishes" this year and will post a pic on my blog as soon as I get organized, thank you so much.