Friday, January 8, 2016

Thank you for your input on the motto

I want to thank everyone who replied and gave me their input on the motto. The Sewing Parlor vs The Stitching Parlor. I will do some rough drafts this weekend. As I previously said, this motto will be on perforated paper for my workroom. I will offer it as a kit after I get mine stitched since I need the finished model for photographs. I will then chart the motto for cross stitch and send it out to a model stitcher. These arthritic hands can only do so much.

I have done dozens of custom mottoes over the years and some really cute sayings. One gal asked me to do Needlework Goddess and It's Good to be Queen in mini mottoes. They stitch up in 3-4 hours. One gal saw these the other day and asked me to do a large motto in It's Good to be Queen so I just did that pattern for her.  Then she asked me to do a motto called Dream of counting the Sheep. So then I had that pattern to do......I just wish I could add on another 12 hours to each day to get everything done that I would like to do. On top of everything else this week, the furnace that was 16 years old gave up the fight and died on us. Installers are putting in the new furnace today...and informed me that the air conditioning unit needs to be replaced too. What a way to start the new year!

So........ back to work....I just wanted to thank everyone who left a comment on the new design. I will show some pictures when I am finished with the new pattern(s).
Have a great weekend!


  1. Sorry about your furnace (and a/c) problems! Can related to the furnace as our hot water tank quit on the 2nd. It was only 11 1/2 years old. They really don't make things like they did years ago.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, Nancy! Have a great weekend!

  2. That's a tough start to the new year! I'm glad they could replace it that quickly.

    Yes, more hours in a day would be a blessing, but I think we would still be wishing for more. ;-)

  3. Good morning, Nancy. Well, that's not a great start, but if you fix the a/c, too, you'll be ready for summer!! Have a good day!

  4. No, never enough hours in the day, but how nice to be able to spend them doing something we all love !

  5. sorry about your furnace. Not the best way to start 2016! But glad they could replace it quickly for you
    Love the idea of Sewing Parlor

  6. At least they will replace it, and you will be ready for many winters and summers to come! Sorry about the hassle, though..

  7. I feel your pain with the furnace... how awful! Just got ours fixed today after a week of bundling up.Don't realize how much you appreciate the heat until it's gone and it's super cold outside.

  8. lo de tu horno es una pena , pero seguro que el nuevo funcionara igual de bien
    estoy deseando ver ese nuevo lema terminado , seguro que queda precioso



  9. I didn't weigh in on the motto because I like both...but for what it's worth I call my "studio" the sewing room, not the stitching room. Even though my blog is Stitchin' by the Lake. :) My daughter just moved and as horrible as that ordeal is they moved into an older house and had to buy a new dishwasher, stove and microwave. The night they moved in the washing machine quit. Good grief! blessings, marlene

  10. Bummer about the furnace... Seems like 'tis the season....there's a great deal of that going around it seems. Can't wait to hear what you decide on for the motto, and even more anxious to see the photos. Know it will be amazing just as everything you create is! Robin

  11. Not the best start to this new year Marie-Claire

  12. Gosh, I don't know how you make so many beautiful crafts. When I stitch for a few hours on end, my hands get really tired. From what I can tell, it's my technique that needs to improve. Let me know if you find that way of adding 12 hours to the day!

    Jodi Bennett @ Marsh Heating


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