Sunday, January 7, 2018

Preview of floss club colors for February

I took a couple photos of some of the floss colors I will be using for the clubs in February. I had several request to show some colors. I have not decided which club will get which colors....these hanks of floss are going to  be carded by my 3 trusty elves.....who I could not possibly live without at this point in time. After I get them back I will decide which club will get them. Some of you get 6 skeins for your club and some get 12. If I have any extras I wait a while to list them in the ebay store. That way if you want more of a color email me right away so I can ship it to you. These are very limited editions.

It is hard to see in the photo but there are several shades in each color. At least two, some have three shades.

The January shipments had several variegated colors in them but those were very different. These are shades of the same color in most of these. I think the blue has some purple in it.......a little red in the get the idea. I still need to dye the 12 special colors for next month. SO much to do!

I want to thank all the new club members who joined in January. There were a bunch! LOL And it will keep me very busy in 2018 keeping up with all of these new colors.

I got two shipments of 16 count Aida and tomorrow they will deliver the 18 Count Aida. For those of you who have been asking, I will be dyeing quite a few colors for the club shipments. I try to do a similar colors for each count of linen and Aida for each month to keep it simple. But I will start showing other colors available in about a week. I need to dye the floss for March to get ahead and then can focus on showing fabrics for sale. I will also post a few listings in the ebay store but the prices will be a little higher with the ebay fees. Direct sales are always the best route.

Thanks for stopping by. Back to work...........I need to do some double duty for a while after being sick with a cold (my first cold in 25 years) from Christmas to New Years. Heck of a way to start a new year. It can only get better! LOL


  1. Love the colors. Feel better and stay warm. Happy new year.

  2. Happy you are better now! Beautiful colors! Take care!

  3. Glad you are feeling better. The colors are just beautiful.

  4. Hi Nancy I got my Club Floss today.. and the Colors are Amazing!! Every month I am thrilled to see what comes in the mail. Thank you so very much.. GOD Bless, Rebecca CA.93552

  5. My 66th Birthday is coming up on the 4th of Feb.So maybe it will bring me a Little luck. Please enter me in on the Feb. drawing. Have a good night. Debbie Chapman