Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hand dyed linen, 32,36 and 40ct coming soon

I have been dyeing lots of linen in several counts the past couple weeks. I will start showing it to you next week as I am busy getting ready for 10 stitching friends to visit me on Tuesday (the ebay store is on vacation hold for another week) and I wanted to have some of the new linen dyed. I started with gentle mottled colors in several shades and a few semi-darks.

I have had 4 ladies ask me if I would consider a linen club of my limited edition colors. I will consider it. Maybe....but no promises just yet. I will have a quite a few colors, counts, and sizes each  month to show you.

So stay tuned for some great linen, always great prices.



  1. Hello dear Nancy...trying to open new acct. on buy your threads....anyway will you be carrying or offering lower ct. linens? My eyes are wicked bad.

    1. I will also do 28ct at a later date. I know what you mean about eyes......

  2. Oh I can hardly wait to see what lovely fabric colors you come up with!!!

  3. Waiting...with such excitement ❤️ Enjoy your time with friends....always good for the soul🌻

  4. Ten friends at one time - wow, what fun! Enjoy yourself and relax!

  5. I'm looking forward to the linen. Enjoy your friends!