Saturday, August 8, 2020

Shipping during the pandemic and a nice give-away

We still have some shipping issues with our postal system....nothing but problems with my post office. There are times I wish we had quit shipping during this pandemic but everyone loves the wholesale prices.

We have some missing packages from July floating in postal land. We will take care of you. If your tracking is not showing by the 15th of this month we will replace your order. Contact me after the 15th if you do not have your tracking updated.
We are already shipping August linen and floss and will be done by the 25th for sure. Maybe sooner.

I thought it might be nice to have a monthly give-away for the club members. A little extra something from me to you.

On the 5th of each month, starting in September,  I will have the guys take one paid invoice out of the linen club and one paid invoice out of the floss club. I will announce winners by putting your first name and last initial on a post here (not everyone wants their names posted). If you would like to share on social media that is up to you.
I will then refund your whole order and send it as a gift. I will even pay the postage.

I truly try to share with others and I love to give gifts.

You don't need to enter or send me an email.....if you are in the club you are automatically entered.

I disabled the comments on the blog for a while as I previously stated. I was tired of businesses putting their ads and links in the comment section.

Once again we thank you for your patience. One of these days I hope everything returns to normal!

Take care everyone.

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